Scenario Time – Which Source of Finance is best and why?

I think that Coakley Pizzas should get a bank loan allowing him to buy the scooters and then pay the bank back once they have enough funds.

TOA Y9/10 GCSE Business

Sources of Finance Scenario 1..

Coakley Pizzas needs 3 delivery scooters but has little money right now

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Dunlop sell 20,000 tennis balls at £2 each

Total revenue will be £ 40,000

Boots sell 26,000 bottles of shampoo at £2.65 each

Total revenue will be £68,900


A company makes 50,000 gift bags at a total cost of £17,500. All 50,000 are sold at £1.50 each. Which of the following statements are true?

a.The business’s total revenue is £50,000. False
b.The average cost of making each bag is £0.35. True
c.After subtracting total costs from revenue, the business is left with £57,500. True
d.If the selling price of each bag had been any lower, they would not have made a profit. False
e.The business made a profit of £32,500. False
f.If only 25,000 bags had been sold, the business would not have made a profit. False


German carmaker Volkswagen has said it will invest $7bn (£4bn) in North America over the next five years as it looks to boost its sales in the region.

Analysts expect 2013 to be the best year for the US auto market since 2007, with total annual sales expected to reach nearly 15.6 million units.

If that figure is met, it would mark a strong recovery from 2009, when sales fell to 10.4 million.





Drive- our business was driven to do the best that we could for the money available. We used easily available resources to ensure success

Thinking Ahead- We calculated the risks of our business idea and brainstormed a way of how to defeat the obstacle in our path.

Determination- We were determined to be more successful than all of the other teams in our goal.

Seeing opportunities- We bargained when buying our ingredients and resources to get the best price available.


We made a profit of £20 which was our aim therefore our business was a success!!

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Taking a calculated risk



Our butterbeer business was a success as we calculated the risks that could occur. If our business took off and we sld it outside of school the risks and rewards would be:



I think it would be worth the risks as even if it was a failure we could learn from our mistakes and improve in the future. Also it would be a great learning experience of business large scale.  

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Lookalike Doll


Liza Jemal

the rewards that they could get from selling dolls that look like the person is that hey could

. earn a profit

. little girls will like that product

the risks that they would b taking is that

. parents may not want to buy that for their child

. there may already be a business that sells lookalike dolls

. there may be complaints that the dolls dot look like the child



i think that this business will work because they have a good business plan

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Six thinking Hats




Does the Six thinking Hats theory actually help me to potentially improve my idea or come up with new ones? If yes, how? If no, why not?

I don’t think the Six thinking Hats theory works. some people are naturally creative and don’t need guidelines to help them be so. If you can’t think of something creative then this may be helpful. However I, and I’m sure many other, do not need the Six thinking Hats theory. 

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Thinking Hats- Watch Out!


Abigail Clapton

Watch Out! is an app that alerts people about oncoming traffic when crossing the road. Many people listen to music and become unaware about traffic when crossing the road. This app ‘bleeps’ to interrupt any form of music or radio, which does not stop until you are safely across the road.

This app was created from ‘blue-sky thinking’, which gave us the freedom to come up with what you want and developing them further if we wish to do so.


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