Drive- our business was driven to do the best that we could for the money available. We used easily available resources to ensure success

Thinking Ahead- We calculated the risks of our business idea and brainstormed a way of how to defeat the obstacle in our path.

Determination- We were determined to be more successful than all of the other teams in our goal.

Seeing opportunities- We bargained when buying our ingredients and resources to get the best price available.


We made a profit of £20 which was our aim therefore our business was a success!!

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Taking a calculated risk



Our butterbeer business was a success as we calculated the risks that could occur. If our business took off and we sld it outside of school the risks and rewards would be:



I think it would be worth the risks as even if it was a failure we could learn from our mistakes and improve in the future. Also it would be a great learning experience of business large scale.  

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Lookalike Doll


Liza Jemal

the rewards that they could get from selling dolls that look like the person is that hey could

. earn a profit

. little girls will like that product

the risks that they would b taking is that

. parents may not want to buy that for their child

. there may already be a business that sells lookalike dolls

. there may be complaints that the dolls dot look like the child



i think that this business will work because they have a good business plan

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