Six thinking Hats




Does the Six thinking Hats theory actually help me to potentially improve my idea or come up with new ones? If yes, how? If no, why not?

I don’t think the Six thinking Hats theory works. some people are naturally creative and don’t need guidelines to help them be so. If you can’t think of something creative then this may be helpful. However I, and I’m sure many other, do not need the Six thinking Hats theory. 

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Thinking Hats- Watch Out!


Abigail Clapton

Watch Out! is an app that alerts people about oncoming traffic when crossing the road. Many people listen to music and become unaware about traffic when crossing the road. This app ‘bleeps’ to interrupt any form of music or radio, which does not stop until you are safely across the road.

This app was created from ‘blue-sky thinking’, which gave us the freedom to come up with what you want and developing them further if we wish to do so.


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