Franchising- McDonalds


Abigail Clapton


How much will it cost?      The cost of a restaurant typically ranges from £125,000 to £325,000.

What do you get?        You purchase the equipment and the rights to operate a business from a location for a set term; you therefore in effect buy the profitability of a business. The challenge is to maximize the sales and profitability of the business over the 20 year term.
How long do you have to own a franchise for?          You have to own the franchise for a 20 year term.

What experience do you need?      Ideally, you’ll already have a successful business or career and will have demonstrated significant team leadership. They will also look for:

  • High personal integrity
  • High standards of people management and communication
  • Ability to display financial acumen
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • The personality to be an excellent ambassador for McDonald’s

How old…

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