Is Facebook getting boring for teenagers?



Facebook-logo-ICON-02The two main solutions I would suggest for a struggling Business are to update or renovate their business, they should also take into account the suggestions of the people that go to or use their business, they know what the people that use their business want. This is exactly what Facebook needs, for example, as their stats are getting lower every day.
The criteria I would use to assess which Businesses are more successful than others are the amount of people who use their business on a regular bases, what those people say about their business and how popular their business really is by looking at the stats. This would enable me to see what the business is like and how people respond to it, positively, or negatively? Facebook should consider this when updating their business.

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Market Mapping

The product I would like to talk about is Max Factor Mascara

This product is great quality because it has a great effect and makes eyelashes look twice as long.

It can be bought at boots which is very convenient and easy to access.

I think the price is right because it does a great job and is high quality.

You get lot’s of choice because you can buy different versions like False lash effect, Max masterpiece and 2000 calorie

The types of customers most likely to buy this are women who wear make up and teenage girls.

Age 13-60 because 13 is a common age to start wearing make up and most women usually wear a little bit for most of their life.

Gender Female because men usually dont wear make-up, if so it’s quite uncommon.

Income moderate because its not exactly the cheapest of mascaras but its still cheep enough to be bought regularly

Lifestyle any because, there is no specific type of lifestyle to wear make up.

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